November 13, 2011


I sing about EVERYTHING. I sing when I bathe Clementine (All the babies in the house must take a bath, take a bath, take a bath). When I'm cooking in the kitchen and she's hanging out with me (Hey Cookie, whatcha cookin'?). I sing lullabies to her when she sleeps (I am like a star shining brightly, shining for the whole world to see...). There is a toe jam song, a diaper song, a poopy diaper song. Literally, a song to sing for every occasion.

Clementine is a formula baby. She eats about 4 oz. of Similac Sensitive every 3-4 hours. We tried to breast feed. Oh, how we tried. In fact, I'd like you to meet my lover for a solid month. So the breast feeding thing didn't work for us but formula sure has. She was born weighing 4.5 pounds and at 3 months she was 11.5 pounds. I giggle every time I think she was a preemie and spent 10 days in the NICU and is now in the 50th percentile for weight and length.

Anyway, it's pretty normal for formula babies to poop like once a day. Clementine is on an every-other-day schedule. P.S. she's only had one blow out which was more like a tiny little leak out of one leg. Minor. So she poops every-other-day and it's really easy to know when it's coming and to plan accordingly.

So yesterday (not a poopy diaper day) when I got home from the salon, I swooped her up into my arms as I explained to Nate that when I'm gone from her for 3 hours or more I start longing for her like some meth addict. I asked him to "give me her stats" which basically means, when was the last time she ate and had a diaper change. To which Nate said, "I fed her about an hour ago but I haven't changed her diaper". Not a big deal. It felt a little wet but nothing to call Child Protective Services about.

Upon removing her diaper I was suddenly overcome with the urge to sing a BRAND NEW SONG. One I'd never NEEDED to sing before. It was, of course, The Surprise Poopy Song. "Yay, Surprise Poopy. You pooped two days in a row. I betcha that tummy feels pretty darn good cause, Yay, Surprise Poopy".

That's who I am now. I'm the girl who wears knit covered in spit up, washes her hands so often they resemble leather gloves, and the girl who sings rad songs about everything. Even surprise poopy. Don't be jeal.


Middle-aged Momma said...

I love that photo of little Clementine.I have been singing the, "I made your bones! I made your bones!" song since the day Lily was born.
Salon? Photo of new hair immediately!

Tonia Conger said...

Lily loves that song! I've seen her rock out to it. No new hair. Just a trim and fresh color.

Middle-aged Momma said...

Well if your hair looks anything like that beautiful photo that you posted on FB, than you look gorg. You should make that your new pic on your blog. Serious-o, you look H.O.T.!
Love everything about your blog, but you know that already.

Tonia Conger said...

Kym, if you look close you can see the tape on my nose. :-)