December 13, 2011


It started out like any other. I awoke to the sound of my wee one cooing in the bassinet. I savored the contrast of my warm covers and the cool-ish underside of my pillow. And I foolishly imagined what it would be like to sleep undisturbed for just one more hour. Then, like pulling off a band aid, I got out of bed.

Clementine took a late morning nap and I tidied up the house. Then she had a bottle and we played for a while. We sang paddy cake and practiced reaching out and grabbing things with our hands (this pays off later in the day). After a bath she took another nap which allowed me to make some lunch and do some online Christmas shopping.

5:00 rolls around and while Nate took a shower (sometimes we don't bathe or brush our teeth until 5pm) Clementine and I played mama tiger and tiger cub. This game is my new favorite. It basically goes like this: we growl at each other and then Clementine attacks me, open-mouthed, and gums my face until I'm completely drenched in cub drool.

Then it happened. I'm hoping it happens to other moms, too. Cause it totally happened to me. I handed the baby to Nate, put on my coat, ignored the fact that I had greasy hair and no makeup on, and ran from the house. I had to. It felt like I was going to go crazy if I spent one more moment breathing the air in there. Sure I just roamed the aisles of Walgreens and Target, but it was simply the most enjoyable 90 minutes I've had in a while - greasy hair and all.

After that, I drove home, hugged my husband and scooped up my baby because I missed them both.


Tracy said...

My son is three and it still happens :-) It is so very important to get away by yourself. The key is to not feel guilty about it...something I'm still working on.


natalie malan said...

Penny just looked at this picture and said, "Mom, who's dat holding our baby?" Ha. We need to visit more often. I almost called you last night to go to the gym. I needed out too! I'll call you if I go tonight!

sohel rana said...

what a wonderfull post you are i have to like it much .........

CaraDee said...

Good on ya. And what a darling little girl.

Middle-aged Momma said...

I escape at least twice a week. It is my way of remembering what it was like to be selfish, independent, hands free and only worrying about what color my nail polish should be next week. I loved those days of worrying about just me and recreating them in my head. Then after about an hour and a half I start worrying about my little one and my hubs and I get all excited to get back home to them thinking about how sad my life would be without them. It's my weekly juggle in my head realizing I need my solitude in order to remember that life is much more amazing when shared with the ones I love.