January 11, 2012


I'm taking a break from all my syrupy posts about Clementine...but just for a minute. Don't get too used to it. I wanted to share four reasons why I HATE Fear Factor and two reasons why I like it.

I HATE fear factor because:
1. Nate keeps saying, "we are doing this together before we die." I'm like, "the hell you say."
2. Watching people being handcuffed inside a cage and sunk to the bottom of the ocean while waiting for their partner to hit a bulls-eye on a target from 300 yards, sixteen times, in order to free them. Well, let's just say it gives me anxiety for DAYS.
3. I'm not too jazzed about seeing any woman 9-months postpartum with a washboard. Further, I'm not jazzed that Nate now knows it's possible.
4. After I see anyone dive into a pool of blood, fish out pig hearts with their teeth, and toss them into a bucket...with their teeth, I feel like I could throw up and the feeling stays with me for a week. Until the next episode.

I LIKE fear factor because:
1. Hearing Nate laugh demonically while watching people gobble up hissing cockroaches and grasshoppers the size of my fist is kind of worth it.
2. It's nice that the host has a job again, what with the economy being shitty and all.


Kym said...

It's so funny, I thought about the same guy being able to get his old job back. Loved your post, missy and LOVE that new header with Clementine front and center. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? YOU GOT YOUR OWN LITTLE BABY GIRL, CLEMENTINE!

KellySummer said...

i hate it because sunny watches it late at night while i'm trying to sleep and even though i hate it i get sucked in and have to watch it. but really, i hate it. i do. i promise.

Tonia Conger said...

Thanks Kym, leave it to us to think about the poor guy that lost his job when Fear Factor went away and then rejoiced for him upon its return.

Kelly, our husbands need to get together once a week to play Gears of War AND watch Fear Factor. haha.