January 10, 2012


Because Clementine came six weeks early, we missed being the guests of honor at two baby showers. My mom and sisters were planning a book shower since there is some statistic that suggests any child with more than 20 books {or something like that} has a much higher chance of going to college. We really wanted to stack the deck for my little one.
The other shower was being planned by dear friends. They custom-designed invitations and decorated the house with handmade tissue pom poms, paper garland and hand-embellished baby onsies. We missed the original date but rescheduled when Clementine was about 2-months old. During the shower they handed out these beautiful little cards and asked people to fill them out. They had statements like "I hope you grow_____", and "I hope you learn_____" and "I hope you aren't afraid of _____". It was fun to read all the wishes my friends had for my daughter. The daughter that lay asleep in the arms of one of my dearest long-time friends the entire night.
Their answers included things like "I hope you grow a garden" and "I hope you learn to ignore mean people" and my favorite, "I hope you aren't afraid of your own smell". I can't wait for Clementine to be old enough to understand the wisdom and the humor of their answers. If she is anything like me she'll swoon at the sentimental ones and belly-laugh at the funnies.
When I think about Clementine getting older I do have certain wishes for her. They don't waiver. I want her to be confident. To know she is loved unconditionally by her parents. To find good friends and keep them forever. I want her to know God and appreciate his creations. I want her to be kind, sincere, adventurous and determined. 
There are even things I hope she inherits from me (as imperfect as I am). I hope she is natural (please little one, don't wear gobs of makeup), I hope she cherishes people (for I do), I hope her heart is big (sometimes too big, the world needs it), I hope she can fall asleep easily, give good hugs, trust her intuition, try new things. I hope, when she least expects it, she'll be overcome by a sunset, a mountain or a rainstorm...I mean REALLY overcome. I hope she loves walking a busy city street and a mountain path equally well. I hope the ocean soothes her soul. And may she do all of this while whistling a Wilco tune or something from the great Johnny Cash. 
For me, my wish is simple; may I be patient and fiercely loyal. And may I live to be 150 years old so I don't miss a minute of this miracle called Clementine.
Do you have any special wishes for you and yours?

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sherrin said...

And I wish for her to know she is a child of God who loves her and will never leave her alone. xoxo Mom