February 17, 2012


But now I kind of get my kicks out of listening to whatever new sound Clementine has discovered. Sometimes it's just babbling during nap time. Often it's a guttural/gurgling sound that I swear sounds like a baby Chewbaca. Other times it's whatever music her jumpy seat makes or the lullabies on her iPod (yes, she has one along with a 40" flat screen, an xbox and the Kinect...her dad finds it necessary to pimp out her nursery with techy gadgets).

While I absolutely love my new playlist, I also know that it's a slippery slope I'm on. I mean, music and concerts and concert t-shirts have always been such a source of joy and bonding with Nate and I. We love music together. And I don't want to lose that because we are a trio now. A few months after we started dating we decided to go to Coachella and it's been concerts and head bobbing and ticket stubs ever since. Once I find babysitters that I'm sure won't ruin her I'm looking forward to getting back to a few shows this year, just us.

In a few months we're flying to LA to hang out with Nate's sister Emma. She's really fun and pretty and always makes me laugh. She invited Nate to go to Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl with her and I invited myself and Clementine to come too. It will be Clemmy's first concert outside of my belly (she heard many shows floating around in amniotic fluid like The Kills, The Black Keys, U2, Pete Yorn, Old 97's...). I purchased cute little noise-canceling ear muffs for her so no need to worry about her damaged hearing.

I'm looking forward to sharing good music with Clementine. She's exposed to tuneless songs with nonsensical lyrics every day as I sing all about folding laundry, changing poopy diapers and, most importantly, taking baths and going night night.She knows what off-key means, of this I'm sure.

But in the meantime, until Nate and I put on our coolest old shabby concert tees and get our hands stamped at the next club, I'm gonna sit back and listen happily to the joyful sounds of Clementine while she performs her latest trick...grabbing her toes. No regrets. She absolutely gets my head bobbing.
She smiles like this when I sing poorly.


KellySummer said...

This post made me laugh. I used to be way into music too - good indie stuff and went to a billion shows and even made and sold rock buttons to a local record store - and when Sunny and I met I was the more music-knowledgeable even. And now I find myself rocking out to Jewel and Our Lady Peace and the Cranberries and even more awesome stuff that I loved pre-indie music and Sunny hates it and it kinda cracks me up. There is something about having kids that make you look back to your roots, and heck, my roots were in crappy music that will forever have a soft spot in my heart.

Kym said...

Clementine is goin to dig that mamma and daddy are such music lovers. She'll be dancing to The Black Keys while Lily is listening to from Brigadoon. Not cool.
Have fun at Coldplay and say, "hi" to our pals Gwyneth and Apple.