March 06, 2012


I know that a session with my trainer burns about 500-600 calories. And the cardio workouts she built for me burn 500-600 calories. Both take a lot out of me. They are each an hour and at the end of said hour I'm drenched in sweat and personal humiliation. I'm also left wondering...where did MY body go? I mean, the body I knew for so many years. The one that was forgiving and mostly fit and didn't struggle doing the most mundane things like, say, mounting a flight of stairs. What happened to THAT body?
So what really pisses me off is that I spend most of my time and energy doing stuff like cooking, cleaning, burping, singing, changing diapers, tending to baby, self-loathing, and the like. For HOURS. Why doesn't that burn 500-600 calories an hour? If it did I'd weigh one pound and it would all be muscle.

Burning calories pisses me off. Period.

This is back when my body was mostly my friend.
I'm not super-model thin...but this dress IS a size 4. And I only have ONE chin. 


Kym said...

I hear you on that and raise you a landscaping my backyard when Lily was 4 months old. I should have finished that ordeal coming out looking like a super model. Instead, I was just super dirty. I climb 21 stairs at least 13 times a day and I have yet to see those calories burned make a difference. Sorry so long. Obviously you've touched a nerve with me during my winter of discontent... With my body. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh hallelujiah on that one sistah. I've been wondering the same question myself and my "baby" is now 9. I long for the days when losing five pounds meant laying off milkshakes for a week. Sigh.

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