March 21, 2012


I want to replace MY ENTIRE WARDROBE. I have a closet full of stuff that no longer fits in some way or another. Too long, too short, plunging neckline, this fabric is so itchy. Some of it is still cute and I'd wear it if only these hips would just shrink down a little bit so I could fit inside (I'm talking to you, white eyelet lace pants and jacket). So maybe not replace THE ENTIRE WARDROBE since I plan on shrinking my hips eventually. But most of it needs replacing. I mean, everything. Even my workout clothes and pajamas.
I lay in bed at night and imagine pulling every last thing out of my closet. I put it in piles of keep, donate, or burn in the backyard. I vacuum out the closet and just look at all the space and empty hangers. It's such a wonderful vision. I never want the dream to end. Except when I get to put things back in. Very carefully chosen things. Things that are willing to pull their weight and do multiple jobs. Things that won't fall apart or always smell like B.O. after that one time I wore it to a job interview and somehow my deodorant couldn't stave off the aggressive smell of anxious b.o. even after a good dry clean.
I've talked to Nate about this. How I want to start picking up things that are fashionable but not trendy. Things that look good on me for reals and not just things I want because I saw someone else with an entirely different body type/age/lifestyle wearing it and had to have it. He's all, "just do it Tonia". This is a true testament to how tired he is of seeing me wear the same few t-shirts and loungey pants everyday for the last year.
If I had to pick one place, just one, to buy all my new items...JCrew. I love JCrew and JCrew world. I imagine living there, showing Clementine the winter cabin and the hill we'll sled down on old fashioned sleds while wearing head-to-toe cashmere. In this dream she'll wear Crewcuts and I'll look perfectly put together in little more than a ponytail, white jeans, a denim button down, and a pair of sun-kissed cheeks.
Because I really want to make this a reality, not JCrew world, but the new wardrobe, I've started building a short list of classic pieces. It's really fun to think about clothes this way. Rather than thinking about "more and more", I'm thinking about how few pieces I can get away with and still rock a solid, fashionable, hype look that shows the world that I really do care about something other than comfort.
For fun, here are a few of the items I would like to add to this brand new wardrobe. What do you think?





1. Dot maxi dress (Gap)
2. Dot pullover (JCrew)
3. Maize dress (Shabby Apple)
4. Neapolitan blouse (Anthro)
5. Peasant dress (Gap)
6. Scuba hoodie (Lululemon)
7. Chambray (JCrew)
8. Maxi skirt (JCrew)
9. Silk blouse (JCrew)
10. Talitha blouse (JCrew)

What do you think?


Kym said...

I like shirt #4 and, of course, anything lululemon.

I was thinking the same thing the other day. Everything has gotta go! (Except for a few one-of-a-kind suits and that same white eyelet jacket and pants.;)

I bought a super expensive shirt today ( well, for me) thinking the same thing. Chic and classic. Two words I hope someone uses to describe me one day.

I am also hoping to add more nautical stripes to my repertoire hoping that it will lure me to the ocean for a summer holiday. (See, if I dress classy, I use words like "holiday" and "repertoire" to my everyday vernacular.

Still dreaming...

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