August 28, 2006


I first met Kym six years ago this coming January. When I met her I fell for her in an instant. It was cold and we shared a parka and huddled to keep warm. That is a bond you can't break! Soon after we met, Kym moved in as the third roommate and we continued to live together for five years.
Kym is one of those people that keeps you grounded. She asks you all the right questions and has good solid advice. How could someone so lovely to look at be also wise and insiteful? Moreover, how am I lucky enough to know her and call her my friend?

Here are some of the things I love about Kym:
  • She showed pigs at the County Fair (in Vacaville, CA or "cow town").
  • She was in a beauty contest and won for her talent. Singing "The Rose" by Bette Midler. If you are lucky you will hear her sing it in your life time.
  • When she was a little girl she used to wear cowboy boots with shorts, just like me.
  • She was homecoming queen, with feathered hair and a poofy dress.
  • I love her family. When I'm around them it's the next best thing to my own.
  • Her dad and my dad are very, very much alike. Love horses, big rancher hands and arms.
  • Kym's resume reads like an adventure novel (sold airplane parts in South America, sold art in Florida, started Oakley online, travels all over with Novell events).
  • If I need to find something on the internet, Kym ALWAYS knows where to look.
  • In everyone's life, there are certain people that just help them be calm and stay focused. Kym can talk me down off nearly ANY ledge.
  • She has tiny little ears.
  • The man she marries will be adventurous and will love me almost as much as he loves her.
  • Kym loves to laugh and she is constantly making me laugh, or worse, pee my pants.
  • If no one else is on Skype but Kym, it's a glorious day.
  • We've decided if we put our profiles on, we'd pop up as the perfect pair.
  • She is so beautiful (see photo) but she doesn't act like it. She's completely down to earth.
  • EVERYONE love Kym.
  • She gave me my nickname: Titty.
  • Kym is very enterprising. She never accepts no for an answer and can talk her way into a crowded concert, movie, party, name it.
  • She is continuously on the hunt for the perfect pair of black pants, moisturizer, lip gloss, and foundation.
  • She's such a regular at Nordstrom they actually send her thank you notes just for buying socks.
  • She burns herself with the curling iron more then anyone I know. She, like me, has many clumsy, embaracing Lucille Ball moments.
  • She once ate chocolate cake off an executive's plate at dinner, without asking the exective.
  • One time she was teaching a sunday school class and in her handout she had typed "tits" instead of "titus". That might have been the best day of my life!
  • She is go-to girl for Nate. He knows he can call her and ask her for ideas for birthday, christmas, anniversary...and no matter what Kym says, he knows I'll absolutely love it.
  • Kym is one of the greatest people I know. I couldn't love her more then I do and I pray that she is always in my life and someone I can talk to every day.


Anonymous said...

I feel like everything has been said about let me add ditto.

Anonymous said...

I will be forever grateful to you, Tonia (one of my favorite people), for introducing me to your best friend, (one of my NEW favorite people), and for sharing her fabulousness, rather than keeping her all to yourself. -Kari

Anonymous said...

This is so funny , I know what you mean about Kym . I went to high school with Kym . Well actually , I went to Armijo and she went to Vaca high .We went to church social events and dances together .She was the best ,always making me laugh ,will you pass my email to her ? She will remember me , tell her its Kristi P. .She can email me at . Thanks , Kristi