April 23, 2007


Just after midnight on April 21 {Nate's birthday}, little Hugo was born. He's absolutely adorable at nearly 9 lbs and 20" long. He already had a deep, lovely tan and his coif of hair is dark and happened to be very nicely styled when Nate and I visited yesterday.
Ruth, of course, looked perfect with her hair done. I don't know how she does it. The "little taco" {they call him that because he likes to be swaddled really tight} and Mama are going home today. You know when you see a baby that is so pretty you just can't stop staring? Well, that's Hugo for you. I'm truly smitten!


deidra zoe said...

Andrew came home teaching on Sunday and told us they had him. I joked that you probably had pictures up already, but I had to wait a little while for them. He's adorable, but what do you expect from such good looking parents?

ali said...

That's one cute kid!