May 23, 2007


Remember when I said Nate and I were invited to a night of fabulous dining with his employer picking up the tab? Well, the time has finally come. We'll be dining at the Metropolitan at 8pm tonight. Nate is a lot of fun to explore a new restaurant with. He's experimental and fearless {I still obey my strict rule of not being carefree enough to bite into a tendon or eat fur/feathers}.
I've only had one evening when all these rules were willingly tossed out the window. My last night in Africa. We went to a restaurant called the Carnivor and I ate the meat from Osterich, Wildebeast, and Crocodile. I had to take advantage of every experience on that trip because I didn't know when I'd be back. I'm currently trying to pique Nate's interest in becoming a humanitarian in Africa.
Kristin said that the Metropolitan offered her the best meal she's had in SLC. I can't think of a better recommendation. It calls itself "american, seafood, contemporary" and claims to be romantic. We'll see.

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jordan said...

I took Paul there for his birthday in 2004. We hadn't been to a nice restaurant before and after we ordered our appetizers they brought out the amuse bouche. I couldn't believe the appetizers were so small! Then they brought out the real appetizers...

Have fun.