May 22, 2007


Nate speaks fluent Tagalog (one of the languages spoken in the Philippines) and has a few friends he stays in contact with since living there in the late 90s. One of them is currently working on Victoria Island in Canada so we are going for a visit in mid-June. Strangely, I've always wanted to see Victoria Island having heard it is so beautiful. Here are some facts about the place.

  • Ninth largest island of the world
  • The island is named for Queen Victoria, the Canadian sovereign from 1867 to 1901
  • The population of the island is 1,707
  • It's called the Garden City {just like Jersey!}
  • Sipping tea and tending elaborate gardens are popular traditions in Victoria
  • Victoria has the mildest climate in Canada
  • Home to the Swiftsure Yacht race {can't you just smell the ivy league?}
Does it matter that Nate's friend doesn't speak English too well and that I'll be surrounded by a lot of words that look like this {Tsong}? No way, I'm sure we'll have a great time and by the end of our weekend I may just know a little more Tagalog then I do now.


~Tegan said...

So you guys are going to go for sure then?? Do you know the dates? Cuz Joel and I would love to meet you there because we have already talked about going there when we go home to visit my family. We miss it there and want to go back. I know you will love it there. You will fill like you are in England! Just let me know if you have set plans yet cuz mayber we could plan something together!

tim & brandi said...

My mom was just there not too long ago. She said it was absolutely beautiful. Don't tell her you're going though or else she just might pull out ALL of her pictures on Thursday night, and no one deserves that.


tiffany said...

I think you'll fall in love with that area. It's breath-taking and the local feel is very cool and laid back.

However, I thought Tagalog was a flavor of Girl Scout cookie... I have so much to learn.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a stickler but the island itself is actually Vancouver Island and Victoria is the main city on the island and also the capitol of British Columbia.

Just sayin!!