May 21, 2007


If you know Tim and Brandi or want to know Tim and Brandi, you should visit their super funny blog which chronicles the life and times of what could be the most hectic year of anyone's life {marriage, moving, pregnancy, building a home} and all of this has just been accomplished since September! And all with good humor.
Over achievers? Yes! Super fun, music snobs? Yes! Really tall and pretty to look at? Yes! Good writers who dare to tell the truth? Absolutely!
Welcome to the blog world Tim and Brandi! And thanks for remembering me in the naming of your blog!


Brandi said...

What a glowing review! You're too kind. Another bonus is that thanks to you, I can now scratch off #37 of my life list. "Become syndicated."


tim & brandi said...

I keep reading the word "public" as "pubic" - so I panic a little every time I see the title...just another unfortunate side effect.