May 17, 2007


Imagine walking down one of those streets in Paris. You know, the streets full of the sounds of dishes clinking from a late lunch rush, lined with the quaint looking shops you long to wander in for hours, and the smells...If the smell is sweet like a parisian confection, it might just be Marrons Glaces {chestnuts glazed with sugar or preserved in vanilla-flavored syrup}.
Here's the exciting part; even if you haven't yet wandered around the streets of Paris and even if you don't know the particular and heavenly smell of Marrons Glaces, there is still hope.

Two words: Laura Mercier.

Amie has been coming to work smelling so delicious; ever since mother's day I literally drink in the air as she walks by {she walks by a lot since my cubical is the last thing anyone passes before walking out the door and to the lavatory}. She confessed to buying Laura Mercier's Marrons Glaces fragrance {$50} which we discovered on a recent lunchtime sanity check at Nordstrom.

Today we went to Nordstrom and had yummy salads in the cafe. While we were there I sprayed lots of Marrons Glaces on all my pressure points and I've been smelling like Amie ever since. This scent is truly sweet without being too sweet. And it will make you long for that day in Paris, the clinking dishes and the lovely little shop.

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