May 01, 2007


There's some concern that to "get real" is to "get negative". To me there is a distinct difference between the two. I'm in no way encouraging anyone to get down on themselves or to dwell on their flaws. I simply thought it would be a fun experiment in a few different areas:
1. How comfortable we are at letting down our guard and exposing our imperfections, our goofs, our embarrassing moments
2. The open environment it may create if we give one another a chance to see something more then the blog persona
3. The funny stories we might all be priveledged to read about every-day bloggers experiencing every-day challenges
4. Hey, there's a always a chance to learn from other's mistakes, right?

Anyway, I appreciate anyone who wants to participate and I apologize to anyone who thinks I'm inspiring others to be negative and/or dwell on negative things. I'd love to get to a point in my own life where I actually celebrate the awkward moments rather sweep them under the rug. In my own experiences, those times of challenge are what make me grow and develop into a more gracious person capable of real empathy. {see turning lemons into lemonade}.


I'm Andrea said...

Thanks for link. You are officialy on my blog roll. :) Love your site.

MissEm said...

I love this! Fighting my perfectionism is a resolution for 2007 (and one that I've actually been doing really well at). Some of the best moments in life are the imperfect one (see: Little Miss Sunshine) :)

Sarah said...

I read your Real Tonia post on the weekend when I found out about it from Ali. I thought it was funny. And refreshing. I don't think at all that you are wanting us to find our faults. I'm taking your challenge. Phew...deep breathe, here I go! (now you will have to go to my blog to read all about me!)