July 31, 2007


The rows of teeth. The menacing eyes. The small but very real chance I have of being hunted, maimed and/or killed while frolicking innocently in the ocean. The Discovery Channels 20th Anniversary must-see, Shark Week, started Sunday and it doesn't disappoint.
Sunday night I learned the ten most dangerous sharks {great white is no. 2 and the bull shark is no. 1 because it can swim in rivers as well as the ocean}.
Last night I watched, "Deadly Stripes: Tiger Sharks" which was fascinating. South African Mark Addison free dives {that means he isn't using oxygen, just a snorkel. p.s. he can dive for up to six minutes on one breath at a depth of 150 feet} with tiger sharks; trying to dispel the myth that they are man-hunters. It was mesmerizing as he interacted with one tiger shark he called Deloris. He petted her, held on to her dorsal fin like a sea world performer, and scariest of all, he fed her by hand.

Just when I was buying the idea that the shark could be friendly and beautiful, I saw the beginning of Top Five Eaten Alive reliving one girl's shark attack which resulted in her losing the bottom half of her leg. I had to turn it off because I knew I was going to have shark dreams for the next year {I TiVo'd it for watching in digestible segments throughout the week}.

If you love to hate sharks like me, you must tune in for what they are saying is the best year yet.


tim & brandi said...

Wow, we watched the exact same shows...and also had to turn it off when it started getting a little too close to bedtime (my dreams are crazy enough as it is). However, you seemed to absorb many more interesting facts from it than I did. It's just good to know that if we all had to spend a weekend hanging out with only one tv in the house (i.e., our house) we'd be okay with each others programming selections.


jordan said...

Live every week like it is shark week.

-Arrested Development

ali said...

Nate had better watch out.

I'm afraid to watch because I'm scared I'll turn into a sissy and never feel safe in the ocean. But it looks like crushable Deloris might have appeased by fears.