September 04, 2007


The darling Sarah Jessica Parker has, as you know, created an affordable line of clothing {Bitten}, whereby allowing middle-income America to dress themselves a little more SJP-esque. Bitten is sold exclusively at Steve and Barry's and word on the street says that Utah will soon get a piece of the action.
On a side note, I'm a big fan of SJP. Yes, I watched Sex and the City. Yes, I loved Carrie's clothes nearly all the time. And Yes, I watch the reruns quite often. I have always admired SJP's vocabulary, her very genuine nature, the way she talks about and still adores her husband, her ability to wear jeans and sneakers around the city, the mole she never had removed.
SJP is also on my list of famous people I'd be friends with if we had occasion to meet. Also on the list: Drew Barrymore, Dave Letterman and Jennifer Aniston.


Alyssa Coberly said...

being from utah originally i can understand the excitement of a new clothes store but dont hold your breath ... we have it here (chicago) and the pieces are not so much ... there are a very few that are okay but im pretty sure they will fall apart within seconds :0)

ali said...

When are they going to open already?