October 18, 2007


I just made a big decision. One I'm hoping I can stick to for a while. I know it will change things for me. And I know it might make some things less comfortable...but the decision has been made and I'm not going back. For now.
For the next month I am going to try and avoid wearing anything but flats to work. You heard me right. No heels. I go up and down several flights of marble stairs every day, multiple times. And I'm slowed down, encumbered, by the heels. Yes, they look great. But the safety and speed limitations have made up my mind for me. Please support me in this life changing decision.

image from deenfanbo's photostream


amber said...

you are hysterical. here I thought you'd decided to quit your job, or move to another country. either way, this is a big decision, considering my own woes with flats, but you have my support!

Julie said...

Oh my...good luck!

The only flats I have are a cute little brown pair...and then my Clarks mules that I wore when I was pregnant.


Good luck on the flats!!!!

sherrin said...

I am totally for it. I made the same decision several years ago and have not looked back. You can do it. Good luck!!!