May 18, 2008


While I was listening to the dessert menu at the restaurant at Hotel Monaco I got to thinking. What would happen if words could affect us. I mean, really, really affect us. I guess they do already. If someone says I look pretty I stand a little taller and I definitely smile wider. If a boss tells me my ideas are stupid, I hate him. If someone mentions how brilliant and smokin' hot my husband is, I regard them as wise and noble {and I pay someone to keep an eye on them}.
But what if there was such a thing as a fattening word? As the waitress was saying things like creme broule and watermelon sorbet I was really grateful that hearing those words didn't pack on extra pounds like putting them in my mouth would. I was also glad I had ordered the cedar plank salmon for dinner because that just sounds completely smart, delicious, beautiful and healthy.

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