January 04, 2009


If I meet my goal and lose another 10 pounds in the next 45 days, I'm getting these jeans! I have some pink cords with a similar cut and I really like 'em.


Anonymous said...

I like the cut, but have you ever bought ACNE? Great Sweden brand and I am a lover of this brand!
I sugguest the following link:


Christina said...

those jeans are super cute. i tried the link but it didn't work. could you send it to me? i am thinking about doing the same thing...if i lose 5 pounds in the next 30 days i will treat myself to a pair.

Clementine said...

Hello! I am a blogging Clementine, too! Lovely to meet you...
Are these lovely jeans ACNE as the previous comment suggests?
C x

Tonia Conger said...

Hi Clementine. Thanks for dropping by. The jeans are from Jcrew. I actually bought them because they were $20 off when I went to the store. The ACNE jeans are great...but a lot more expensive than the $79 I paid for mine.