March 05, 2009


These are actually cute! I love the vibrant blue. They would match nothing but "go" with so much! And no, they aren't leather, but that is so eco chic these days!


amber {daisy chain} said...

Really cute! I see them with a air of jeans and a tank in the springtime - loving the price too!
ps - I read up on the Etsy YUDU ink issues. I'm looking to use it on paper more than fabric, do you think it's better than a Gocco?

Tonia Conger said...

Hi Amber,
That is a good question. I know the yudu is really great for fabric right now. It works on paper equally well unless you have a very detailed or fine design. The screen count is just a little to low to do really detailed prints on paper. We are looking into a finer screen to solve this and make it work fabulous for all substraits.

jane in the waiting line said...

those are cute!

dayna said...

must find a payless! hope all is well for you hotties. i miss you and love you...oh and am super jealous of your recent fab trip:) you look great!