November 09, 2011

Green Smoothie Cleanse: Day 1

I'm doing it. It's less about losing any weight and more about getting my head in the game. You see, since Clementine I've lost all sense of right and wrong. Is it WRONG to drink 4-5 Coke Zeros in a day? I don't know anymore. So, today, NO CAFFEINE. No left over Halloween candy. Just beautiful green smoothies and the occasional source of protein.
Image via Healthy Green Kitchen
This morning's smoothie was mostly spinach with banana and a few slices of frozen peach. It was good. And now I can guiltlessly get about my day. On the agenda? Clean windows in the greatroom. Inside and out. And make delicious squash soup for lunch. Oh, and fold the laundry in the dryer, clean the tub, scrub toilets and make some Christmas presents. 

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