July 11, 2007


I have an abusive relationship with our garbage. You'll remember the traumatic time I had a while ago just taking it out to the curb on trash day. Well, this morning may have been more traumatic from an olfactory perspective. And definitely one of those things that, while it's happening, I find myself saying, "really? Is this how things are gonna be today?"
Let me explain. Over the last few weeks Nate and I have had lots of house guests {yay, that's one of the reasons I wanted a house in the first place}. Our guests have included diaper wearin' babies, and meals have typically generated a lot of table scraps, from the younger kids especially. Sidenote: did I really only take a few bits of food a day when I was six? And if so, where did I get the mentality lately that my plate must be licked clean?
Anyway, with all the extra trash we filled up the regular can provided by the city and had to over-flow into our "recycled trash only" can. Since we couldn't take this can out to the curb containing un-recyclable trash, it had to sit in our garage {for two weeks. And it's been over 100 degrees several days in a row} getting raunchier and raunchier.
This morning I knew what had to be done. And I had to psych myself up for it. I dragged the normal everyday trash can into the garage and had to dumpster dive into the recycle can to fish out all the trash bags full of parishable items {food, diapers, need i say more?}. The smell I was exposed to this morning might have been of nuclear strength. I can still smell it because it somehow got trapped in my nostrils. I've never been the kind of girl who can't get dirty or has expensive acrylic nails but I am a girl who will retain a particularly offensive smell or taste in memory for decades {read: chorizo at iHOP}
All this because Nate conveniently travelings on Wednesdays. One word to describe todays dumpster dive. "EW", and with that I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


Jamie said...

That is awful. Oakland Garbage workers are currently on strike. The city smells just lovely!

Dayna said...

ew. gross...our can reeks especially in the summer...I am so glad it's garbage day! LOVE YOU GUYS!